Hebe ‘Amy’

Hebe ‘Amy’ photographed in a Hebe Society member’s garden, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Amy’ (syn Hebe ‘Purple Queen’) forms an upright, evergreen shrub, with dark purple stems, which in time reaches 3 ft (90 cm) high and 2 ft (60 cm). The leaves are deep shiny green, flushed with purple, 2 in (50 mm) long and 1 in wide, with purple new growth, especially in winter. It has rich violet flowers in 2.5 in (60 cm) long spikes; these are seen in summer and autumn.

In the UK this hebe is not fully hardy, so is best grown in gardens near the coast, or in a protected frost-free garden. It is a hybrid of the tender Hebe speciosa.

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