Hebe ‘Baby Blush’

Hebe ‘Baby Blush’ photographed at The Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Baby Blush’ is a compact, bushy, evergreen shrub, which grows to about 30 in (65 cm) high. The green leaves are small and spear-shaped, and in winter develop a deep purple colour. The rich pink flowers are in racemes up to 1.6 in (4 cm) long, early summer. Fairly hardy in the UK.

Hebe ‘Baby Blush’ was raised by Lowaters nursery from a range of open pollinated seedlings, selected as for disease resistance and as an improvement on Hebe ‘Nicola’s Blush’. This hebe is protected by Plant Breeders Rights, EU 9861.

Hardiness = H5     UK Availability = 1

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