Fuchsia excorticata

Fuchsia excorticata photographed at Logan Botanic Garden, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Fuchsia excorticata or tree fuchsia, is a large shrub or small spreading tree, height 20–40 ft (6–12 m), with a light brown peeling bark. The leaves are thin, oval to spear-shaped, 2–4 in (5–10 cm) long. The flowers are green and purple, turning red with age, 0.75–1.5 in (1.9–3.8 cm) long. The pollen is blue, a very rare colour for pollen. Tender in the UK.

Fuchsia excorticata is the largest fuchsia in the world, and is common in forest edges from sea-level to lowland to lower mountain areas throughout North, South and Stewart Islands, New Zealand.

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