Leptinella potentillina

Leptinella potentillina photographed at the New Zealand Garden, Savill Garden, Windsor, UK

Leptinella potentillina (syn Cotula potentillina, brass buttons) is a low-growing, spreading and rooting herb, forming patches up to 2 in (5 cm) high, and 12–16 in (30–40 cm) across. The fernlike leaves are usually pewter-tinted, 1.6–2 in (4–5 cm) long. Yellow flower heads in spring or summer. It can be used as groundcover where little else is suitable, in root-starved soil, in sun or partial shade. Hardy to –29°C.

Leptinella potentillina is found in damp, coastal places in the Auckland and Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

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