Metrosideros ‘Maungapiko’

Metrosideros ‘Maungapiko’ photographed at Trevena Cross Nurseries, Helston, Cornwall, UK

Metrosideros ‘Maungapiko’ is an evergreen tree that can grow up to 33 ft (10 m) high. The green, leathery leaves are spear-shaped. Crimson red flowers; summer.

Metrosideros ‘Maungapiko’ is believed to be a cross between Metrosideros excelsa and Metrosideros umbellata. It is a naturally occurring hybrid that was found by New Zealand nurseryman and ecologist Graeme Platt on Mount Maungapiko on Great Barrier Island, to the north-east of Auckland, New Zealand. The original tree has since been destroyed by road widening.

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