Olearia ‘Henry Travers’

Olearia ‘Henry Travers’ photographed at Logan Botanic Garden, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Olearia ‘Henry Travers’ is a dense, upright, bushy, evergreen shrub, which grows to a height 10 ft (3 m) and spread 16 ft (5 m). The green leaves are narrow and spear shaped, 1.5–3 in (4–8 cm) long, white below. The solitary flowers are lilac with a purple centre, about 2 in (5 cm) across; summer.

Olearia ‘Henry Travers’ is tender in the UK, but good for a seaside garden, as it is very tolerant of wind. This plant was introduced to Ireland as Olearia semidentata in 1908, but is now believed to be a hybrid between Olearia semidentata and Olearia chathamica, which has coarser toothed leaves, both of which are native to the Chatham Islands, New Zealand.

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